Rats – Friend Or Foe?

Ahhhhhhh!! I'm scared of pests - are you?After a week long pest control induction, here I am making my first contribution to deBugged.

I have to admit that last Sunday the thought of the week ahead made me cringe, made my stomach turn and made me question my entire being. Sound dramatic? I agree, but I was absolutely terrified!

I had lined up a day with a surveyor and a technician which both sounded equally as daunting to me. My initial thoughts were only of rats, huge rats at that, scavenging around, scrounging for food, making people’s homes their own and worst of all – me standing amongst them. I was terrified, to put it mildly. I am one of those people who have a real fear of rodents and when I say real fear, I mean it. The thought of a rodent being in my presence is enough to reduce me to tears. This is not based on a bad experience, I can’t actually even say I have ever seen a rodent; the thought of them is enough for me. But I am now part of the pest control business and facing my fears head on is the best way to combat them, so they say; at this stage I was not so convinced.

brown ratMy day out with the technician started with him telling me we were off to a rat infested home. I couldn’t believe my misfortune. Unfortunately (or fortunately) depends which way you look at it, the premises could not be accessed so we had to give this particular visit a miss, phew!

I did, however, find myself actually asking questions about rodents throughout the day, my curiosity had gotten the better of me. I found out many interesting facts that I did not know, and to be honest had never wanted to know, but for some reason I was now intrigued. I found out that rats are very clean creatures; they will never eat from the same place more then once, and they won’t eat from the same place they nest. I also found out that their teeth don’t ever stop growing, so if they don’t regularly gnaw them down their teeth will eventually choke them but there are loads more unbelieveable pest truths. Apparently rats are also terrified of humans (thanks goodness) and are extremely clever.

There is a preconception that rats are grotty and that if you have rats you are grotty too, I have now learnt that this is totally inaccurate. Rats are everywhere and at one stage or another, a rat may enter your home through no fault of your own and it will decide whether to stay or go. It is at this stage that you need to act, and a quick reaction whether using DIY products or by using a professional pest control specialist, will help prevent thier visit turning into an infestation.

Don’t get me wrong I have definitely not become a rat advocate but I do now understand rats a little better, and some of the preconceptions I had have disappeared. The thought of a rat in my home still terrifies me and I sincerely hope that I never have to deal with this situation. But now I do feel a little better equipped to deal with this issue in a calm (well slightly calmer), more informed and grown up manner. Perhaps it’s easier said than done.

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