Rats in Air Conditioning Units

15_brown_ratI’ve been catching quite a lot of rats recently. A bank I look after has had more problems. I’ve been working with this customer for 3 months, but there was recently a fashion show in the park area outside the building and I think it may have contributed to a number of rats being disturbed and trying to get inside. I’ve been doing proofing work and working on the air-conditioning units and I’ve caught 8 rats in 2 weeks but I haven’t yet found an adult rat.

What else have I been up to? Well, I was watching a programme on some satellite channel the other day called Grime Busters or something like that. There was a pest control guy from another company on it and he committed a cardinal sin. He said that if you step on a cockroach the eggs will disperse. It’s a complete and utter fib, there are so many urban myths about pests!

42_german_cockroachMost likely you would destroy any eggs but you would have to find a female cockroach for a start, then she would have to be carrying an egg and, considering it takes 1-2 months for the egg to emerge, your timing would have to be just right. Then you would have to angle your foot in such a way as not to crush the egg when you crushed the cockroach. Honestly, it’s just not true.

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