Rats Live In Cars And Flower Beds

london_city_skylineI was asked to go a do an inspection because of a potential rat problem at an office block on my patch in London. Apparently a bar owner had seen a rat leave his property and go to the offices basement garage, and the site facilities manager wanted me to check it out. You just can’t have rats near bars and restaurants, Scores on the Doors would have field day!

It turns out that a rat had made itself at home in an abandoned car just near the garage and was living under the bonnet. It had chewed through loads of cables and stuff, bit dangerous.

On closer inspection, I also found a hole in the side of a big 6 foot long planter. Its there to make the area look nice, but has just ended up acting as a rat nest. They had chewed their way through the exterior wood as well as the interior tree roots. I found 14 rats living in there in total. Managed to sort the problem out pretty fast. The FM had to move the planter away, empty it and get a new one, rats chew through all kinds of things – you have to be careful, they could even ruin your garden decking!

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