Rats Love Handbags As Much As Women Do

Wome love handbags - and so do ats apparentlyRats have gone fancy. Rodents have learned to use public transport and developed a special taste for expensive handbags, troubling people travelling by train.

As an explanatory note, India is vast and train travels of 10 hours and more are very common. Bangalore to Delhi for example would be a 36 hours ride which is enough time to be pestered by rodents and cockroaches. For these pests, conditions in trains are quite good, considering that everybody is eating and the amount of leftover food, crumbs and spills there are.

Rodents in trains have a particular fondness for ladies’ handbags! A middle-aged woman travelling in an air-conditioned compartment bound to Chennai realised to her horror in the morning, that half her bag had been chewed upon when she was fast asleep. (Source)

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