Rentokil Advertising Old And New

Even though Rentokil has been around a while (140 years and counting) its good to see that we (and our design/PR agencies) are continually coming up with new ways to advertise pest control.

Take a look at the work New Zealand have been doing recently. By day you see just one cockroach, by night you see more due to the fluorescent paint – very clever.

Rentokil NZ Theres Never Just One Cockroach Day and Night

Rentokil NZ Upside Down Rats

Or how about the billboard of a rat apparently on four legs? When you view the billboard upside down, the rat is no longer standing up but lying down. I wonder whether they did any road accident statistics after it had been up there a while? Drivers craning their necks to view the right way up I mean.

Or how about some older and even older adverts next. Do you have any we should know about? Let us know…

Is it a Cockroach or a woodlouse? Rentokil advertising of days gone by.Rentokil Insecticidal Furniture Cream

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