9 Christmas Gifts Rentokil Love

Tarantula MugHere at Rentokil we love to give and receive pest related gifts. We’ve rounded up some fun pressie ideas which even if you’re not into bugs, spiders or rodents will bring a smile to someone’s face this Christmas.

I’m a celebrity… T-Rantula Mug

Experts say confronting your fear is the best way to overcome a phobia though we’re not sure a spider hater will fully appreciate the graphic beauty of this  mug. Available from WH Smiths priced £7.99


Cuddly Ant

Cuddly AntGive the ant a squeeze and hear it chatter. The ant soft toy measures approximately 17cm and is made from very soft plush material. Cuddly mosquito and dragonfly also available. Available from the Natural History Museum Store priced £7.00


Science Museum Scorpion

You can create a Scorpion from interchangeable jointed pieces that allow movement. Also design your own Scorpion with your imagination. This gives you great skills to learn engineering

through practical skills. Available from WH Smith

priced £11.99 http://bit.ly/eUfpdK

Natural History Museum Remote Control Mosquito


Create a buzz with this remote-controlled mosquito which can emit five different

high frequency sounds. Available from Debenhams priced £30.


Chad Valley Remote Control Tarantula £17.99Remote Control Tarantula

Create a scream with this amazingly horrific tarantula! Use the wireless remote control to move forwards,backwards, left and right. You may even want to hide behind something and let the tarantula loose on your victims! Incredibly life-like, this tarantula will bring hours of fun on Christmas Day. Available from Argos priced £17.00.


usb_cockroach_necklace_driveCockroach USB Necklace Flash Drive

This cockroach USB with decorative crystals can be worn as a necklace. Available from Brando priced $33.


Green Hornet Brooch

Green Hornet Brooch

Give an edge to an outfit with this green enamel and gold plated hornet brooch set with emerald and topaz Swarovski crystal.

Lots of other insect jewellery available from Ebuni.com priced £28


Fleas T-Shirt

Fleas T-Shirt

fleas t-shirtMake a statement with this flea T-Shirt which will have someone hopping with laughter. T-Shirt £17.30


Handcrafted Rodents


The Ragged Rat Lady makes hand crafted rodents from recycled materials such as fabric scraps but there’s nothing scrappy about her cute mice and adorable rats.


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