deBugged Shortlisted For Best Corporate Blog

deBugged got shortlisted for best corporate blogOoh, how exciting. Our first nomination for an award. deBugged has been shortlisted in the “Best Corporate Blog” category of the CorpComms Magazine DigiAwards 2010. So who else is in our category?

Cision blog The blog tagline is “Helping Communications Professionals Navigate the Evolving Media Landscape.” I think we can all learn something in this area if we are truly honest! Loads of social media type blog posts, which despite myself (as they are one of my sworn enemies at the moment!) I really enjoyed reading.

My RB Opportunity This is the Reckitt Benckiser employee blog used for prospective employees to find out more about the company from a personal angle from all kinds of employees. This is a great idea for when you are researching a company to see what its really like and we have also used this format of blog posts to create interesting, informal content.

deBugged – The pest control blog Yup, that’s us!

Three blog Quite spooky – considering their head office is bang opposite ours here in Maidenhead! This is a blog which says “Here we’ll be talking about what we’re up to and we’d like to hear what you think. We can’t answer everything but we are listening.” So there are recent blog posts on iPhones, customer service issues, and other 3 network mobile phonentype blog posts – which is exactly what you would expect from a phone service providers blog.

The Awards ceremony is being held next week and is billed as a Monster Digerati Party, hosted by award winning drag artiste Sabrina Duncan International. Should be an entertaining night.

Do come back and read my blog post on Wednesday morning to see whether: (a) we won our category, wahoo, or (b) we simply had an enjoyable evening in the company of colleagues (i.e. one of the other shortlisted corporate blogs beat us to it and I will have to try and sound all upbeat and positive despite being somewhat disappointed!).

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