Rentokil Has Gone Google Apps

Google AppsYou may have heard on Monday that the Rentokil Initial group signed to provide 35,000+ employees with access to the Google Apps system – a main part of which is e-mail.  (There are obviously more references to the deal in the news, but with 221 mentions on my “Rentokil” Twitter search alone first thing Monday morning, those news stories above are just a few to be getting on with.)

So the e-mail system is called Cloud computing (the more observant of you might have spotted our mouse in the clouds picture on Friday!) which uses the web rather than servers and software. So we will be able to access e-mails from any computer with a broadband connection, anywhere in the world. There will be a shared group-wide email address book and access to a range of other features such as Google docs and charts to offer easier communication with colleagues, very handy for when we work on collaborative cross-functional projects.

It will take a while to roll this system out to the many thousand’s of employees and this is anticipated to be by the end of next year. So until then I will wait to see what happens.

In the meantime, has anyone got any stories, views or opinions about Google Apps? Do you use it already? Got any top tips to share with a newbie like me? If so, comment here, I’d love to hear about it – and no doubt so would the other deBugged bloggers.

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