The Rentokil New Year Spirit

Cockroach cocktailHurrah! It’s New Year’s Eve and here at Rentokil we will be celebrating with some pest inspired cocktails. Whether your poison is tequila, or if you are teetotal, one of these drinks will raise your spirits.

The Cockroach

Great as an after-dinner liquer. The cockroach is 1 part kahula, 1 part tequila. To make: simply mix the ingredients in an old fashioned glass. Some people like to set fire to it (straw advisable).

Flying Grasshopper

grasshopperThe Flying Grasshopper is a sophisticated tipple which will have you hopping to the bar for more.

To make: mix one part vodka, 1 part crème de menthe,1 part crème de cacoa 1 part milk and 1 part cream.

Ugly Bug

Ugly bugAn alcohol free cocktail consisting 1 part each of grapefruit, pineapple, orange and prune juice. When all the pretty colours are mixed together it creates a refreshing, fruity drink the colour of a termite.

The Wasp

The waspBlack vodka gives this cocktail a show stopping sting.

To make The Wasp Pour a lengthy measure of orange juice into a tumbler and top with black vodka.

Add a liquorish stick to swizzle.


RedbackInspired by the deadly red and black spider this cocktail is lethal.

To make, top cranberry juice with black vodka and one measure of cherry brandy.

Bottoms-up and here’s to a pest-free 2011.

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