Rentokil Property Care get helping paws in the hunt for Dry Rot

M and J Rentokil (1) Enviro dogs Meg and JessTwo new and very energetic team members, have bounced their way into Rentokil Property Care. These adorable ladies will prove to be “furry” good news for property owners! Border Collie Meg, Springer Spaniel Jess and their handler and owner, Mark Doggett are Enviro-Dogs and are assisting Rentokil Property Care with building surveys across the UK – thanks to their uncanny ability to sniff out dry rot.

The dogs have been specifically trained to detect the early signs of dry rot which may not be visible to the naked eye or are located in inaccessible areas of a property. Both canines have had 12-months of training to prepare for such a rigorous career. Mark Doggett has taught both dogs to search for the scent of dry rot in buildings, using therir high play drives and regular rewards to hone their fungus seeking skills. “Breed is not important for this job. What you’re looking for is a dog with a high play drive, that’s energetic, obedient and has an excellent sense of smell.”

main_image-of-dry-rot-damage-close-upDry rot attacks wood in relatively dry conditions, and if left untreated can threaten the structural integrity of a building. A professional survey by a Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) can spot the signs of dry rot, however the problem can reach a critical stage before it becomes obvious. By relying on their noses, Meg and Jess are able to sniff out the fungus in its early stages, hopefully before it becomes a serious problem.

Berwyn Evans, UK Product Manager, Rentokil Property Care, comments: “They are not just cute and cuddly, the contribution Meg and Jess will make to our team is significant, especially as Dry Rot is incredibly destructive, particularly for historical buildings. Early detection allows early treatment of  Dry Rot before these historic properties suffer irreparable damage.”


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