Rotten Bathroom Floorboards Replaced By Rentokil Property Care

bathroom_planI moved house a couple of years ago and the first major task was meant to be replacing the bathroom. However, other jobs took priority as they always do when you’ve just moved. But, at the beginning of this year I decided the time was right and started planning my dream bathroom. The bathroom company used some clever software to provide me with a plan showing my bathroom with the new suite, tiles, etc. It looked fabulous but I nearly died of shock when I saw the price. However, by this time my heart was set on the new bathroom and so somehow I found the money to go ahead.

3_rentokil_property_care_rot_wet_damage_croppedWork started but on the second day, when the plumber started to take the bath out, he phoned me to say that the floor underneath it was rotten and would need to be replaced or repaired. And when I say it was rotten, I mean it was really rotten. I had a look over his shoulder that evening as he explained to me that it was because the bath had been installed by an enthusiastic amateur and there was an inadequate seal between the edge of the bath and the wall tiles. This meant that every time the shower was used water was dripping down behind the bath. I couldn’t believe it, if it had got much worse my bath would have fallen through the ceiling and ended up more or less on my dining room table. I had no idea what was going on unseen to my floorboards.

Anyway I decided the job had to be done professionally so I called in  Rentokil Property Care. It appeared that the wall plates were rotten too and the whole lot had to be replaced before the new bathroom could progress. This additional expense was (obviously!) not part of my original plan and therefore completely unbudgeted. In retrospect if I had taken out a Rentokil Insurance policy for wood-rotting fungi this additional expense could have been avoided but as I didn’t know there was a problem – I didn’t think I had anything to worry about. Seems a bit daft looking back now, considering I work for the business, and wet rot and dry rot are words I use on almost a daily basis.

house_saleHindsight is a wonderful thing! I’ve learnt my lesson though and have since taken out a policy. Now,  if the worst happens and any of the other timber in my home rots then I can claim on the insurance and Rentokil will pick up the cost of repairs rather than me. Also, I bet you didn’t know that the insurance policy can get passed on to the new owners if you decide to sell your home and may even help in the sale. I’ve heard the average is about 6 years before people start to get itchy feet.


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