Rentokil Wins Pest Control Contract In Libya

So the cat is now well and truly out of the bag, or should that be rat?? People now know that Rentokil is working in Libya as seen on Twitter and various Google news alerts. We have known about the Libyan work for a while if truth be told, it’s a big operation – sending out our professional highly trained experts to solve the massive rat problem they have over there.

What I doubt you will have heard about yet is the extra-curricular work our team are doing locally to educate and raise awareness of pest control via teaching sessions, roadshows and the like. By now there should be some Libyan children – or possibly even adults – running around in Rentokil rat t-shirts (although I personally think the image looks like a mouse!) and the British school in Tripoli has had their calendar sponsored by Rentokil to tie in education with pest awareness.

Initial designs for Libya t-shirts

Raising the profile of pest control is high on the agenda for Rentokil when they enter a new market, but did you know pestaware training is something we also do for developing and mature markets too (ok business spiel finished).

15_brown_ratRats are known to spread some horrendous infections such as Salmonella, Hantavirus and Weil’s disease. They damage and contaminate foodstuffs/stored goods as well as buildings; gnawing through cables, plastic packaging, wooden doors and even mild steel. here’s a grim thought for you, if a rodents underside fur is urine-soaked (bleurgh!) it can transmit diseases to work surfaces, table tops or anywhere it has climbed – and they can climb pretty well. So can you see how easy it would be for infection to spread?

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