Rentokil’s Pests Get A Facelift

Rentokil has invested in the re-development of the online Pest Guides section, with the help of two talented and enthusiastic professional artists. Bridget Swan and Paul Houlton were commissioned to draw technically accurate images of a total of 208 pests. It is these images which are used here on deBugged.

moleA chance meeting, back in October 2007, at the grand opening of The Barn Gallery, an intimate art gallery, located in Kent, led to the start of this exciting project. Caroline Mytton, Head of, spearheaded this project and personally commissioned the two professional artists to draw these pest images. Bridget and her partner, Paul, were keen to get involved and prove their talent.

Do you know your Field Vole from your Water Vole? Can you tell the difference between a Pharaoh Ant and a Rogers Ant? The answers to these and many more questions are available to you at the click of a mouse (no pun intended) through Rentokil’s improved imagery and concise pest information.

You can find out more information about The Barn Gallery and Bridget and Paul on their website or to take a closer look at Bridget and Paul’s web designs.

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