Selective Earwig Parenting Skills And Girl Power Amazonian Ants

21_earwig_thumbRecent research has shown that earwig parenting skills are pretty selective. Mummy earwig apparently sniffs out the strongest of her young and focusses her attention on them rather than the less healthy ones. Brings another meaning to the term “survival of the fittest” doesn’t it? Read full story here. They aren’t particulary bothersome, more of an inconvenience or nuisance pest (more info here).

The BBC science and environment section often comes out with interesting stories about pests, take this one about the “Girl Power” Amazonian ants who can survive as an all female species by reproducing asexually as clones of the queen.

Pests just seem to make the most interesting stories, don’t they? And is the reason because there is between 150 million and 1.5 billion insects (approximately) on this planet for every human? Gives me the creeps that statistic. Never mind all the animals added together, 3-30 million species. The mind boggles!

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