Serious Woodworm Damage Expected This Year

According to historical data, this year could be a particularly bad year for damage by woodboring insects.

But why? Well, after an egg has been laid and the larvae has burrowed deep into the timber, it takes 3 ½ to 4 years for the larvae to fully develop. Considering the stats say increased sightings were noted during 2005, this year could see a much larger crop of emerging insects than usual.

common_furniture_beetleDid you know that it is actually the emerging beetle e.g. common furniture beetle or deathwatch beetle (which has pupated from its larval stage) that causes problems? It is the visible exit hole they leave behind when they get to the surface of the timber that produces the instantly recognisable woodworm holes which can damage your floorboards, priceless Georgian furniture, wooden flat-pack cupboards or those quaint antique beams – they aren’t too fussy!

deathwatch_beetleHmm, this has got me worrying about the antique writing desk I inherited from my grandfather last year – I will keep a close eye on it this year. Pay attention between the months of May and October which are called the “Flight Season”. Sounds like some kind of beetle F1 type racing, or in this case flying, championship. Except having flying winners only make you losers at home because it indicates you have a woodworm infestation!

woodworm_damage_floorboardsSo what can you do if you spot signs of damage – see left? Well, it depends on the size of the infestation actually. If you are seeing holes in the woodwork or (even worse) the actual beetles, you definitely have a real problem.

Read more about specialist woodworm treatments & services or DIY products you could try.

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