Siberian Chipmunks Could Be Arriving By Eurostar

siberian chipmunks could arrive at St PancrasA new invader is coming to our shores and it is not flying over but waiting near the coast of France looking for an opportunity to come to this country. This is one immigrant we do not want, but what is it?

The Siberian Chipmunk (Tamias sibiricus).

If we are to believe the tabloid press and I do (as they saw Lord Lucan racing Shergar on the Moon against Elvis recently) there are tens of thousands of these pests marching towards Calais and Dunkirk to add to a number of other pests coming to the UK.

These particular pests are reported to have ticks carrying Lyme disease, apparently these critters escaped from a Brussels theme park and are on their way to the Los Angeles underground …

red squirrel in decline due to grey squirrel invasionThere has been a history of animals finding the UK as a home. From rabbits bought over by the Romans, deer by the Normans, as well as signal crayfish and the grey squirrel which has systematically shunted our native red squirrel near enough into extinction. The grey squirrel, although cute and cuddly, is classed as vermin and is on our hit list if it causes problems.

So if one of these chipmunks makes it here by using the Eurostar or walking through the Tunnel and starts causing problems by becoming a pest… then all I can say is: “You better look out as Rentokil are coming to getcha!”

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