Silverfish Prevention and Cure

Are there silverfish hiding in your bathroom?After a long hard day’s work you take to the bath for a well-deserved soak accompanied with the tipple of your choice. This would be an excellent way to end the day except for the fact you get the feeling someone’s watching you. This peeping tom however, can see you a lot better than you can see him and the scary thing is, he isn’t looking at you from the outside through your window… This critter is in your bathroom with you, hiding in the cracks and crevices, watching you as you lather. These bathroom beasts go by the name of silverfish and have caused homeowners all over the world to rip their hair out at the frustration of their infestation.

What are Silverfish?

SilverfishSilverfish have flat elongated bodies about a third to three quarters of an inch in length. They’re unable to fly due to their lack of wings but compensate for this by being able to move incredibly quickly. They’re also nocturnal so you’re unlikely to sight them during the day.

You may be unsure as to why they really enjoy loitering in your bathroom, why don’t they watch TV in the living room or nestle in the voluptuous folds of your bedding? The fact is they love damp conditions, so your bathroom is the perfect habitat for them (particularly if you enjoy long soaks on a regular basis).

Preventing Silverfish Appearing

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure so before you and the creepy critters start brushing your teeth together, you need to devise a plan to keep them out of your home.

Due to silverfishes’ addiction to moisture, the most effective way of preventing them is to ventilate your bathroom properly during and after showering. Always open your window whilst showering, even if it’s only slightly, to let the steam out before it starts to turn into condensation and dampen the walls. Extractor fans are also effective at clearing the steam, particularly if you don’t like opening the window whilst showering, and can prevent mold and mildew developing too.

Believe it or not, silverfish are rather shy creatures, which is why they choose to hide in the most awkward of places through the day. The more junk you have in your bathroom the more hiding places you’re providing them with. Wet towels to silverfish are like mansions to humans, if you leave them strewn on the bathroom floor the silverfish will be moving in faster than you can say “pest control”.

Cracks in walls and skirting boards are also popular hang-outs for silverfish. Get your hands dirty with a spot of DIY and seal them properly to eradicate another one of their common hiding places.

How can I get rid of Silverfish?

If you’re unfortunate enough to already be inundated with the microscopic monsters then you’ll need to take quick action to force these imposters out of your home. If you see more silverfish than people on an average day however, you will need to call pest control experts as you may have an infestation problem which needs to be taken care of. Check in other rooms for signs of silverfish activity too, they’re most commonly sighted at the back of cupboards and drawers.

Some homeowners have found that wiping the walls with a solution of bleach and water has helped them to eliminate their silverfish problem. This can also eradicate bathroom mould too, which is a feast for silverfish as well as unsightly in your bathroom. There are insecticide sprays which you can purchase too, to finally enjoy your bathroom alone.

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Tapshop321 kitchen taps. Steph’s a true hater of all creepy crawlies and hates those hair raising moments when you spot a spider on your wall…

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