Smells Like A Dead Rat

Smells like a dead ratThe saying smells like a dead rat should not be underestimated until you have had the misfortune to perceive the odor. Any pest controller will tell you there is little worse than the vile stench of a putrid, decaying rodent carcass, which lingers after the removal of the said deceased.

Rats are a particularly stinky species.  Unlike mice, which scatter up to 80 droppings a day everywhere, rats have latrines. And if there’s a lot of rats in one place that’s one big stink.

If you are experiencing the putrescence of a rancid rodent here’s some tips on how to free yourself from the stench.

How to get rid of the smell of a rancid rodent

1. Mask the smell. Place a strong masking smell near where the odour is strongest. You could use pot pourri, one of these timed release scent dispensers – our pest control technicians use a special sachet that puts out a strong but pleasant smell for the two to three days it normally takes for that smell to pass.
2. Wash / treat inflicted areas with normal household cleaning products. If something has been badly soiled by rodents you may wish to dispose of it rather than trying to clean it. Make sure you wear gloves this cleaning wearing gloves in order not to pick up any rodent borne disease they might have left behind.

Some rodent trapping products such as RADAR encapsulates the mouse with a trap door, enabling carcass to be disposed of at a convenient moment. The clever mouse trap even flashes to inform you something has been caught, and if you are on a service agreement a technician will visit and remove the offending contents and take it far, far away so the stench will never reach your senses.

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