Sniffer Dogs Could Be Replaced By Wasps

sniffer_dogsIt is known that dogs have an excellent sense of smell and this has been capitalised on for years by police forces across the globe when it comes to drug and bomb detection. The down side of using dogs is that they need to be trained, housed, fed and cared for all of which comes with a hefty price tag . The training itself will take around 6 months and around £25,000.

Much of this cost is negated with the next generation of animal detectors – Insects. To be more precise wasps!

40_common_wasp_thumbYes, that’s right, scientists in America have successfully trained wasps to sniff out such substances as explosives, drugs and even bed bugs. Scientists say that they can now train a wasp in as little as 5 minutes – so some day in the not too distant future, man’s best friend could be replaced by wasps.

31_pharoah_ant_thumbI guess there are many other insects which have an acute sense of smell which may be used in the future such as ants. So remember, next time you feel the urge to swat a wasp which looks to be on its own, beware – it could be on duty!

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