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Social MediaThe rapid growth in the use of smartphones and social media has changed the way in which many of us act in social situations. Nowadays, waking up and reading your Twitter and Facebook feed is not that dissimilar to the reading the morning newspaper. It has often occurred to me that my day is incomplete without Social Media, admittedly, I am addicted, I cannot actually remember the last time I did not use either of them and I really cannot imagine functioning without the culmination of the two but I’m not the only one, it seems that a majority of us have now become slaves to this growing trend.

Surely dependency is never a good thing and with the emergence 24/7 mobile connectivity and extended battery life, has the reliance of smart phones made us dumber? A recent study by Neuroscientist Veronique Bohbot and her team reported that relying on a global positioning system (GPS) on your travels reduced the use of the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that controls memory and spatial orientation. Those who are used to navigating purely on the basis their own intelligence had increased hippocampus activity and a greater volume than those using a GPS. On top of this, those abstaining from GPS use obtained better memory. It was recommended that you only use GPS for finding locations you’ve never been to before and turn off the GPS when you’re navigating around your local or known areas.

On a more positive note, the availability of Social Media, in conjunction with mobile technology, has completely revolutionised the way we live our lives, do business and communicate with our customers, and this is no more evident than during times of disaster, whether it be Natural or PR. Customers are able to use the likes of Twitter and Facebook to report a range of issues where need be, or even act as knowledge bearers themselves. At Rentokil we provide technical expertise on the fly for a range of residential and commercial pest control issues from Flying Insects to Rats, Mice and Other rodents as well as a range Pest Control Products and Damping Solutions. At the click of a button, this kind of information helps improve the customer experience by saving a lot of time and grief, where in the past one would be restricted to the land line, email or even the knowledge of those around you.

I try to remember life before the influx of Social Media and smartphones, especially from a support/customer service perspective. We didn’t have this near-instant access to such important information and I cannot imagine what it would have been like to suffer from a pest infestation 30 years ago as I’ve become so accustomed to the instant access of helpful information.

If you find yourself with a pest problem with nowhere to turn, remember that we’re readily available on the social networking sites below.

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