Spiders In the Sky

Nest of Garden Spider SpiderlingsAt first it appears that there are thousands of spiders floating in the sky, then a camera close-up reveals that spiders have cast their webs across power cables. This video posted just over a week ago by Chovendos Aranhas in Santo Antônio da Platina, Paraná, Brazil has already received almost two million views and shows just how fascinating nature can be.

Spiders may not have wings but they have the means to fly. After hatching, spiderlings will climb somewhere high and shoot several silk threads into the air, forming a triangular shaped parachute. The spider will then be swept away on the breeze to pastures new. Most likely this is a few yards away, but if the conditions are right spiders could sail on the breeze for miles. Spiderlings have been detected in atmospheric data balloons collecting air samples at slightly less than 16000 ft above sea level, and can survive for 25 days without food.

Spiders Floating In The Sky in Brazil

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