Statue Comes Alive At Night – Pest or Not?

iStock_000000551829XSmall_buddhaYou know how sometimes you hear a story from a freind, via another friend who heard it from their neighbour, and you think to yourself, really? This was one of those times when a colleague from the Ireland office shared this story with me….

“One morning a colleague came into the office carrying a statue almost the same size as himself. (Small colleague and the photos is not of the actual statue – just similar!)

Overnight, we’d received a call from a client in some distress.  He’d recently returned from the far east with an intricate statue, and now his prized possession was itself possessed!

He went on to explain that the previous night he and partner were partaking of some “wacky backy”, and in their “heightened state of awareness” they noticed that the statue had apparently come alive.  This caused them some serious distress and as a result, they wanted their “living” statue out of the house until we certified it dead!

He insisted we take the statue away to diagnose and treat it. A most unusual situation and not one that would ordinarily come under our residential customers list of solutions/treatments. But this man was very insistent.

When we investigated, it was clear that something inside the statute was scratching incessantly. All we could suggest was that perhaps a single spider or wood-damaging insect had somehow got into the statute during the production process, survived the trip and was now too big to get out. And the noise? The scratching would have been amplified by the hollow interior.

So, minus it’s previous inhabitants, the statue was returned to one grateful owner – pleased that they weren’t going completely mad.  Not sure if they mended their ways though – and I will also like to add the disclaimer that I obviously don’t condone this kind of behaviour!”

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