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Embarrassed about pest control?Pest control is not an easy subject to discuss. For those not working in the field of pest control (like us) it will only crop up when it absolutely positively needs to get done – and done right now… for example when:

  • a mouse infestation takes over your home the week before a huge party is about to take place, and one you have been planning for ages
  • moths start attacking your favourite (and obviously most expensive!) cashmere – arghghg
  • rats move in under the brand new decking in your garden
  • flies start multiplying at a rate of knots in that dodgy pipe you have been meaning to replace which is in full view of the kitchen window

All of the above could be avoided if you follow some top tips for protecting against household pests or how to help avoid a rodent invasion.

Successful linkbaiting is just one of a number of great strategies for driving traffic to any blog, not just ours or seeking successful link bait ideas.

Our most read blog posts are a case in point… 4 of the top 5 are there purely because of our linkbaiting activity (and numbers 6 and 7 actually are successful linkbait posts too). In fact, number 6 regularly swaps in and out of the top 5.  Here is the list I am talking about:

  1. 5 movies Rentokil Would Have Ruined, because its Infestation not Entertainment
  2. Unbelievable Truths
  3. Pest Control Stories From the Office
  4. How to Get Rid of Fleas, Ants and Acne
  5. Urban Myths
  6. Effects of Climate Change on Rodents
  7. 9 lessons I learnt Putting Together a New Blog

Its funny, the only story to have got there on its own merit was called Pest Control Stories From the Office – its amazing how a story about pubic lice can generate interest isn’t it? But I digress….

So the other 6 stories in the list were heavily linkbaited. The StumbleUpon, Reddit (we got front page!) and Sphinn communities all helped to make those stories a success, but I personally believe the great content would have got us there in the end regardless. But maybe it would have taken a fraction longer.

Yes, timing is everything – because when the blog launched so did the 5 movies post soon after. Having recently published our “5 Toys Rentokil Would Have Ruined” blog post – it will be interesting to see how well that is received and climbs the “most popular” list!

Applying Social Media to pest control has been interesting, and now that the blog is 11 months old we need to implement a medium to long term strategy as well as having short term one. I will be sharing blog stats (in a graph-y blog post for anyone interested) at the end of year one and would be interested to see who has had similar or different experiences with their niche industry blog – pest control or otherwise.

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