Summer Starts Now And So Does The Fun For A Pest Controller

common_waspThis week sees the start of British Summer Time. The onset of summer also heralds the arrival of summer pests including wasps including wasps and ants.

For me, summer is when pest control comes to life. Within the pest control world there is the inevitable banter, modelled on fisherman’s tales, of who treated the biggest wasp nest etc.. The pest controller will once again be faced with the task of explaining that flying ants are the same as garden ants and not a mutated species and other such pest urban myths that are common belief to the untrained.

antSummer is when our technicians can use all facets of their training, especially the ability to turn into Sherlock Holmes at short notice and informing the clients why the pests have shown up in the first place. Many a summers day will be spent on a clients premises meticulously tracing ants back to their nest in order to carry out an effective treatment rather than just spraying poison carelessly around.

Of course when the sun shines there is also the risk of an exotic pest species or two making its way from the European mainland to liven thing up as we have seen in previous years with the Oak Processionary Moth.

These non indigenous species keep me on my toes with adapting / extending our control techniques so we are ready for their invasion. Lets hope the sun puts in a prolonged appearance!

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