Techie Conference 2010 And The Rentokil Dragon's Den

Rentokil Pest Control geeks we are'nt!When you see a title like that, what do you think?  Nerds with thick glasses and pens in their pockets talking about the life cycle of various pests to the wee small hours?

As mentioned in my introduction blog, I am a Field Biologist and if you scrape away the two main fallacies that go with the role (we do not start work at 9am & finish at 2pm and nor do we, as one of my technician friends often incorrectly states, “have an easy life”)  you will find that me and my colleagues are at the cutting edge of all things technical.

For the second year running we were whisked away for a two day conference this time in sunny Solihull near Birmingham. As Jack Nicholson’s character said in the Shining ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ so as well as some serious training messages learnt, there was some lighthearted stuff too.

The highlight in my opinion was the “Rentokil Dragons Den” where our breakout groups had come out with some innovations and then present it to a panel of top bods.

As everyone had to do a presentation over the two days, I nervously volunteered for this. I can write a blog (just about) but stand up in front of my colleagues and managers and talk about an innovation was, to say the least, daunting. I loved the encouragement especially from my old boss who said that the Dragon’s were going to rip the ‘entrepreneurs’ to shreds when questioned. I would also like to thank our Technical Director for prolonging my agony and making sure we were the last of five groups to go up. I’m sure he knew it was me who was doing the presenting.

There were some good ideas, which will be looked at but sadly our idea didn’t win – although strangely enough the oddly titled ‘Sniffer Stick’ did win. Roll on the Techie Conference 2011 and to end this blog all I can say is: “I’m Out”.

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