Textiles and Bugs

Tom Turner in Rentokil Pest UniformWhilst the pest control side of our business takes care of textile eating pests like moths our sister company, Initial Textiles, provides textile and hygiene services over 100,000 businesses across a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, medical, banking and hospitality. A customer’s first brand touchpoint is often via a uniform. A well laundered uniform gives a worker pride and confidence and often helps maintain health and safety standards. It also tells the customer something about the company they work for. How many uniforms did you notice today?

Across the globe, millions of businesses rely on the use of textiles or workwear to run their operations successfully and workwear is often critical to their operation. Initial Textiles offers a uniform manufacturing and rental service which includes laundry, maintenance and repair as well as collect, wash and return. But more importantly increasing legislation has made it essential for companies to provide and maintain workwear, especially in regards to protective wear.  If you are unsure of the legislation around workwear – Initial Textiles can help and provide advice.

But business textiles isn’t just limited to uniforms.  The European workwear & flat linen rental service market is worth €8.3b and €2.1b of that is flat linen. Restaurants and hotels get through a lot of linen and towels which need to be put through a hot wash before they are employed by their next guest or customer. There are plenty of insects like  silverfish and springtail which thrive in damp conditions so our pest control business can provide customer advice on best practice.

There are textiles beneath your feet too. Germs and bacteria can grow rapidly in a mat or rug. Not only does a filthy mat send the wrong signal (anyone want to eat in a place where they can’t be bothered to clean the mats?) to your customers and employees  it can encourage pests too. A German Cockroach can feast off the smallest of crumbs for weeks. Rodents will eat anything, even the rug itself if they think it’s tasty. A damp rug can encourage moisture loving insects like woodlice to move in.  Initial Textiles will take your soiled rugs away, give it a thorough deep clean and replace it with a fresh one before the pests and bugs get a look in.

I think our pest control technicians look great in their warm fleeces, waterproof trousers and sturdy safety boots. Do you wear a uniform to work? Would you change anything about it?

Initial Textiles is the market leader in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg and the second largest textiles services supplier in France. There are 32 laundries in France and 12 in Benelux. Initial Textiles employs 9600 people globally across the Textile & Hygiene services division. Find out more at rentokil-initial.com.

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