The Art Of Pest Control

Who's been nibbling the StiltonGary Day-Ellison is a Creative Director with a keen eye for style and beauty. He could even find something stylistic about an ant. Gary has worked for a number of clients including designing book covers for the BBC and Doug Adams,and a stunning Lord of the Rings calendar and diary. He shares a personal encounter here about the importance of pest control when there’s a ripe Stilton about the house.

I have been honoured by the invitation to contribute a guest post. Trouble is I am an innocent abroad when it comes to such matters.

That said, I could tell you why, from painful personal experience, you would be ill-advised to keep a Stilton in the cellar. Even for a few days. However cold it seems. Especially if you value your guests and friends. But I won’t since you may be eating your tea as you read this blog. And we don’t want to see it on the screen do we?

I considered an attempt to bluff my way through the topic of domestic pests. I would research a demonstration of my scholarship and in-depth investigations in this important aspect of cleanliness and disease prevention. My formula for faux-expertise was this. Google + a lot of earnest frowning in a white coat.

Maybe not.

But something interesting did occur to me – and it is this. We think of vermin as low-life, nasty little critters. Well, they are mostly. But they have always popped up in popular culture. As children we read about The Pied-Piper . . .  Mickey Mouse?

And what about classic international literature? Try Günter Grass’ The Rat. Or Albert Camus’ La Pest. Good game? How about Art? Try Damien Hirst’s Flies. And then, in the middle-ground Salvador Dali’s ants which frequently appear in his paintings?

But I don’t want to spoil the game. What examples of pests can you think of, in any of the Arts? (Excluding Christopher Biggins – Ed.)

If you want to read more about design, check out Gary’s Design Works blog.

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