The Bee Swarm Epidemic

Bees swarm a kayak outside a shop/ istockphotoI don’t know about you, but I have never seen a swarm of bees. The idea of it does scare me a bit, I have to admit! While bees are not considered aggressive, they will do what they need to if they feel threatened or even worse, if they feel their Queen is threatened. What has amazed me however is the number of public swarms I have seen in the press lately, and every single one of them has involved the swarm taking up residence on a car. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would react if I came out from a shopping mall and found a swarm of 10,000 bees on my car door… however this seems to be a reality for some.

• In April a swarm landed on a car in Old Hatfield. The Mother and Daughter returned from a shopping trip to find people taking photographs of the car, and thousands of bees on their rear window. The pair eventually had to call in a professional bee keeper, after driving the car around didn’t send the bees packing.

This month in Somerset, a young lady was called out of her house by concerned neighbours who had spotted thousands of bees attacking the fuel cap on her car. After 2 hours the bees refused to move on and she was forced to call a professional bee keeper

• Most recently in Eccles, a mechanic arrived to work to find the door of a client’s car covered in over 10,000 bees. It was fortunate that the mechanics garage also doubled as a bee keeping equipment warehouse. They quickly called in the manager of the firm who uses the warehouse space and the bees were taken away.

Social waspApparently bees swarming is a part of their natural reproductive cycle; however the increased number of bees is down to the warm spring we are experiencing. While bees are not particularly aggressive, unlike wasps,  I sure hope I don’t come across a swarm of bees that refuse to move, I have to admit, I think I would struggle to stay calm if I did!

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