The Biggest Mouse Ever Seen?

mouse over victoriaThe pest control business can really get under your skin!

You know how when you buy a car that you have never really noticed before, all of sudden it seems as though every fifth car is the same as the one you have just bought? Well, pests are a bit the same in that you start to see them a lot more when you work in the industry, especially in places you don’t expect to…

While I don’t often get the chance to go out and see mice (Marketing people are far too office-bound), I do spend a lot of time thinking about them one way or another.

I was walking along in London yesterday on my way to a meeting when I glanced up…and couldn’t believe my eyes! I reckon that this is the biggest mouse you have ever seen!

Did anyone else notice it?

  1. karen Mott
  2. Brig
  3. Finnegan
  4. Berwyn
  5. Graham Chapple

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