The Biggest Myth About Rentokil


The Rentokil "Hitman"


What images does the name conjure up for you? What do you automatically start to think. Well, here is the biggest myth that needs banishing.

The company was started by a hitman:

Nope, it was started by a professor of entomology at Imperial College, London in 1924.

Harold Maxwell-Lefroy had been investigating ways to kill the deathwatch beetles that had infested Westminster Hall, (near Houses of Parliament). Lefroy and his assistant produced an anti-woodworm fluid called Ento-Kill Fluids.

Ento coming from the Latin name for insect, hence entomology and entomophagy.

In 1925 he tried to register the name Entokill, but it was not available so he chose Rentokil Limited instead.

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