The Duomo Cathedral And Pigeons

Overstuffed holiday suitcaseI am back from my Italian Adventure and what a trip it was. An amazing break , obviously it was too short and I came home feeling absolutely exhausted needing another holiday. Early morning flights combined with so much to see, yet so little time. However, I am back in the swing of things now and thought I would report back on my experiences. Pest control follows you wherever you go…

Despite staying in two separate, and relatively cheap, hotels my entire holiday was basically pest free – no bed bugs (thanks goodness), no cockroaches, no flies, no moths, no ants, no wasps, no rats and no mice. Although a mouse one was spotted at my house over the weekend, eeeeek. My flat mate has now laid a trap with peanut butter as bait, which I have been reliably informed tastes nice to mice. It remains untouched. Update to follow.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at the pest free outcome. I really had worked myself up to a point where I was convinced I would be touring Italy covered in bites and as a result obliviously taking the little critters home with me too. It turned out my concerns where completely unjustified, I had nothing to worry about at all, and that price is obviously not always a reflection of who will be targeted.

duomo 2However, Pigeons in Milan, now that is a completely different story. My first day in Italy and our first site was the Duomo Cathedral. When you get past the hustle and bustle of it all and are able to take in the sight – it was absolutely amazing! However, unfortunately, coming up the stairs from the train station, the Duomo was not the first thing that grabbed my attention. Pigeons – absolutely everywhere! Literally thousands of them.

Making the entire situation worse was people selling bird food to the tourists, and others circling round charging people to have photos surrounded by the pigeons. Clearly not the same situation as Trafalgar Square in London where you are no longer allowed to feed the birds – a simple yet effective solution to bird control – wouldn’t you agree?

Feed the birds, tuppence a bagThere is one guy I referred to as ‘the bird man’, standing there with arms wide open and numerous birds perched all the way along, families standing together trying to touch them, and at one stage I was actually hit on the head by one swooping in, trying to get amongst the action. It was like a scene from Mary Poppins, among other birds in pest control related movies.

I was appalled, did people not realise these are disease ridden pests?

There would have been thousands of pigeons, swooping, squawking, feeding and fouling, and hundreds of tourists absolutely loving it, forget the Duomo – they had come for the pigeon show. I had never seen anything like it and really felt it ruined the atmosphere of this beautiful building. I couldn’t believe the council had not interfered deeming it a health risk and that they had not prohibited the sale of the bird food. Bird Control is seriously needed at this site.

Anyway despite the bad pigeon experience outside the Duomo, Milan and Rome were both beautiful and we did not come across anything like this again. Fingers crossed all our travel experiences are as pest free. Next destination is Ibiza in October… I’ll post a pest update when I am back.

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