The One Show Bug Week Pest Horror Stories

Is anyone watching the One Show on BBC at the moment? Bugs, bugs and more bugs in their originally titled feature “Bug Week”. We did offer the services of Sav as a resident pest expert, but they seem to think their own Geroge McGavin does a good job. 

At 7.31, immediately after the show finished – the first comment appeared.  If you quickly scroll through many of them, it mentions some horror stories people have had with various pests. I was sooooooo tempted to add a comment saying “contact Rentokil” and give our web address or “check out our pest guides to solve your problems”, but that’s not really in the spirit of a comments section – so I refrained.

What surprises me is that not many people have said they tried to do their own research to solve the problem or used DIY products already. That’s what I would have done anyway. Obviously my first port of call would be a pest guide site (naturally ours!) and I would try to find out as much as I can about my pest, what it looks like, what it likes and doesn’t like to munch on, and then I would try and find ways to get rid of it.

Luckily, I have never been in a position of having an infestation at home, but it must be soul-destroying to keep getting invaded when you think you have solved the problem. Actually, as I’m typing this I have just realised that’s not strictly true. When I still lived at my folks we once had a problem.

It was just after the house extension had been finished, one morning my Mum came downstairs and found mouse poo on the work surfaces. It must have got indoors between old walls being knocked down and new ones being built. Cue loads of bleach and dettol. A mouse trap didn’t work, cue even more more bleach and dettol across the kitchen surfaces, cleaning of cupboards and tidying of the understairs cupboard in case there was a nest there, nothing. No other signs anywhere, but still the pesky critters made overnight visits. One day the oven stopped working for no apparent reason, and you’d never guess… once it had been opened up by my Dad we found out it was because the mice had made a nest in the back of it. Cue new oven and no more mouse problems.

On a final note, why don’t you have a go at the One Show pest quiz, I got a measly 6 out of 10, how embarrassing!

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