The Pancake Day Pest Surprise You Want To Avoid!

Pancakes with lemon - but without the pestsShrove Tuesday is here and yet again us harassed Mum’s are ransacking the food cupboards to find that last bag of flour, as the kids wail for more pancakes.

But a word of caution, unpleasant things could be lurking in the flour and at the back of the cupboard too!

Insects such as the Confused Flour Beetle eats flour and cereals, and then lays eggs in the food. Their whitish-yellow larvae then pupate in the foodstuffs.

Indian Meal MothTiny Flour Mites like warm, dark, damp corners to multiply. Indian Meal Moths however, feed on grains, dried fruits and nut debris hidden at the back of your cupboards.

However, here are some simple measures that you can take to help avoid these stored food pests and avoid Pancake Day surprises:

  1. Don’t keep foodstuffs beyond the ‘use by’ date.
  2. Keep grains and cereals in air-tight plastic containers, instead of the original paper packaging.
  3. Rotate food stored in cupboards, placing newer purchases behind existing items to ensure things don’t get pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten.
  4. Regularly clean cupboards to remove any flour dust, food debris or residues that will attract pests.
  5. Ensure areas of food storage are dry and well ventilated.
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