This Vs That – Cuddly Vs Deadly

We all know the scene: you walk into your living room or back garden and see something you’re not sure you want to be there. If it’s cute, you might buy a humane trap and release it back into the wild. If it’s butt “bug”-ugly, you will probably scream and run away, getting someone more macho than you (like, say, a fluffy kitten) to take care of it.

But how do you know which pests you can deal with on your own, and which are so repulsive you cannot bear to imagine getting close enough to remove them yourself and need to call in da professionals?

Helpfully, we’ve come up with the first in a series of graphs that can help you sort this out. Then, when confronted with a pest, you can find where on the graph YOU feel it best fits, using our 100% not-subjective, universally accurate* positioning of various pests as guidlines.

So, what pests have you seen recently, and where would you put them on the scale of cuddly versus deadly?

*Yeh right!

  1. Benjamin
  2. Lynn
  3. Brig
  4. Safe Gardener
  5. Keith Birkemeyer

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