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Top 10 deBugged blogs 2012Another year has flown past and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to the blog over the past year and also to show my gratitude to those who supported the blog by tweeting or sharing the content via social media.

One of the aims of deBugged is to educate about pest control. We believe that prevention through an understanding of how pest infestations occur is far better than treating a full blown infestation. We also want to be able to offer advice and information to people who are searching for answers to their pest problems. If you want to know what is eating your carpet or how to get rid of mice then we are here to help.  Here is a list of our ten best posts written in 2012:

Top 10 Most Popular Blogs 2012

  1. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite And Other Sayings
    Our biggest blog was posted by our South African colleague, Daniel, who penned a post exploring how pest references have crept into everyday conversations. Phrases such as the Bees Knees, Bookworm and As Snug As A Bug In The Rug.
  2. 12 Facts about Mice
    Mice might be small and annoying pests who leave droppings in your food cupboard and nibble holes in the boxes in your loft, but they are capable of  some amazing things. Did you know that mice can squeeze through a 6mm gap and that their whiskers are used to sense smooth and rough surfaces, temperature changes and breezes?
  3. Where do Spiders Go In Winter?
    I wrote this post in response to something that had been puzzling me for ages. Every October my home is infested with massive house spiders who scare the wits out of me by crawling at some speed across the floor. Then a month later the spiders vanish as quickly as they arrived. The answer was interesting.
  4. Silverfish Prevention and Cure
    We are happy to accept guest posts and this is a great example of how sharing industry knowledge can generate a good post. contributed some tips on how to get rid of the silverfish in your bathroom.
  5. Can Mice Be Immune to Rodine?
    The Rodenticide Resistance Action Committee released a report which investigated the resistance of rodents to anticoagulants but much more research is needed to fully understand the implications of rodenticide resistance.
  6. Can Cockroaches Survive A Nuclear Blast?
    The Rentokil Entomologist, Matt Green, is well placed to address this common question. And if you are keen to know the answer… you’ll have to read the post.
  7. Detecting Woodworm
    The purchase of an antique table which I later noticed had woodworm holes inspired this post. As part of the research I learned that woodworm holes are an indication that a table is a genuine antique, rather than an article which is purporting to be so. There’s an interesting test for furniture to check whether the woodworm is still alive.
  8. How To Know If You Have Termites
    The cost of termite damage in the U.S. has steadily risen to the tune of $5 billion dollars annually. Do you know the signs of Termites?
  9. Slugs Have Infested my Garden
    It’s been a wet year which has brought its own pest problems. Rodents have been flushed from their nests, wasp activity has been reduced and Spanish Slugs have invaded our gardens, devastating flowers and vegetables. Spanish slugs breed profusely and can be difficult to keep away from tender plants.
  10. Winter Gnats and Other Biting Insects
    Finding what has bitten you can often require detective work. The winter gnat bears a striking resemblance to the mosquito, though there is little evidence it can pierce human skin. Deer and horse flies slice open the skin with a painful scissor-like action which can become infected if care is not taken.
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