Top 10 Pest Infestations

Army of Brown Stink BugsIt can only take a matter of days for a few pests to become a big problem which is why it’s important to check for signs of an infestation, particularly if you have a business reputation to behold. Pests like bed bugs and fleas breed rapidly and can be difficult to detect until well established. Once in the grip of an infestation, it can be very difficult to treat. Here’s how quickly some pests can breed, given optimum conditions:

Breeding Pests

  • One breeding pair of mice could lead to 3,000 breeding offspring in just one year.
  • A pair of German cockroaches may be able to give rise to as many as 20,000 offspring in one year.
  • A breeding pair of  pigeons can produce 50 offspring in one year.
  • A female House Fly can lay 100-150 eggs at a time.

Top 10 Infestations

Check out this video of  some severe infestations of pests in homes, farms and restaurants. There’s some pretty disgusting stuff here. Not for the squeamish!

Thanks to Nick Thomas from Pest Control Supermarket for sending in the video.

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