Turn Up The Heat For Cockroaches And Bedbugs

Use and store chemicals carefully and professionallyInsect pests such as bedbugs and cockroaches are not only unpleasant but are difficult to eliminate as they can hide in the deepest recesses. Chemical treatments have historically been the main method for controlling infestations. However recent bedbug research in the US, lead by Dr Mike Potter, has shown genetic mutations in bedbugs which is making them increasingly resistant to insecticides.

Rentokil now offers a new chemical free pest control process called Entotherm which can be used across various industries as described by Savvas Othon. This chemical free treatment is quick, efficient and reaches all areas of an infestation. It can eliminate insects, mould and pathogens (and others including wood-boring insects) through the application of dry heat.

bed bugThe Entotherm heat treatment eliminates all lifecycle stages of an insect including eggs, larvae and adults. The heat kills insects by denaturing the proteins within their bodies and disrupting the waxy outside layers of the insects, causing them to dehydrate. As Entotherm requires only a single application, it causes minimal disruption to a business. The chemical free process also allows treated areas to be re-used immediately with no residual side effects.

The process works by heating an infested area to a predetermined temperature using strategically placed heat exchangers. Heat probes and thermal imaging technology are then used to confirm all targeted insect pests have been effectively eradicated.

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