Discovering signs of a woodworm infestation

adult wood boring beetle emerging from woodIt is quite possible you may not realise you have a woodworm problem until the resultant damage (done by the beetle larvae) becomes visible, as the adult beetles emerge.

Depending on the wood-boring beetle species it can take anywhere between three, five or even ten years for the life cycle to be completed. During this time the larvae (or woodworm) will happily munch their way through the timber weakening the woods structural integrity. The woodworm will eventually pupate just below the surface of the timber.

Adult beetles will emerge as they munch the last thin veneer of timber creating exit or flight holes. In general adult beetles will emerge anywhere between April and September to mate and then die off within a few weeks of appearing.

Take a look at our woodworm infographic to understand the life cycle of woodworm and the tell tale signs to look for if you think you may have a woodworm infestation.


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