Warring Ants Vs Slavemaker Ants

Not All Ants Are Friends/istockphotoIn the ant world, if there were a set of enemies, these two species would be it. The Warring Ant also known as Temnothorax longispinosus, have become so accustomed to attacks from the Slavemakers, that they save their energy for this exact purpose.

Slavemakers, steal the Warring pupae and brood, often also killing the workers and host queen in the process. The Slavemakers then use the captured Warring ants to look after their queen, find food and raise their young.

As a result Warring ants have developed a specific form of attack. When Warrings spot a Slavemaker they attempt to kill it by biting and stinging.  If Warrings notice an alternative species entering their territory, they will simply attempt to drag them from their nest, saving their resources for a Slavemaker attack.

The study carried out at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz in Germany, discovered that ants are far more socially complex creatures than we realise. This kind of behaviour from a species of ants is fascinating. They are obviously clever and complex insects, whose social behaviour deserves further research.

To me the Slavemakers sound like bullies, not the kind of enemy I would like to have that is for sure. When it comes to this war, I am on team Warring!

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