Wasp Breeding At The Zoo

bakery windowA recent trip to the zoo reminded me of an old joke. Ccustomer goes into a cake shop and says to the assistant: “How much for a wasp?”  The assistant looks puzzled saying: “But we don’t sell wasps only bread products!”  The customer replies: “Well, why have you got plenty in the window then?”

Why is this joke of yesteryear so relevant? Because myself and my family were plagued by these little brutes wherever we went whilst on a visit to the Zoo.

There was not a moments peace anywhere, my eldest daughter had great fun watching Grandad clapping his hands and dispatching these beasts one by one (must be where I get my pest control killer streak). I joked to the wife that the most successful breeding program within the zoo must be for these animals as there are loads of them about.

ice cream at the zooSpeaking to one of the cleaners around the food area my wife asked what could be done and he replied they had tried wasp pots (pots with a sweet substance which attracts and drowns them) and not only had people complained that it looked unsightly but one person had lectured him on how beneficial the wasp was in his garden and so they were looking for other measures to curb this problem.

I know on other posts on this site the wasp gets lots of coverage but in this zoo it is a big problem. The ways to remedy this problem are simple:

  • Take some insect spray with you – easy enough
  • Don’t eat sticky food – hard when its hot and sunny, ice creams are great
  • Don’t go to the zoo – might ruin the kids day if you stay indoors
  • Take with you someone who has sting proof hands to splat this pest at a high success rate  – as my dad quite competently showed on this visit.
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