Wasp’s Happening To Commuters?

Wasps are commuting tooMy usual bland journey to work on the train this week has been disrupted by commuting wasps! As we all moved from the crowded platform on to the London bound train the wasps seem to jump in just as the doors were closing.

They then darted up and down the carriage from floral prints and brightly coloured cycling shorts (yellow is a particular favourite) to those wearing over-powering perfume, getting more and more agitated as they went. It’s not just the wasps that were upset by this stage; most of the passengers were too, attempting to swat the buzzing pests with assorted newspapers and periodicals!

One gentleman exclaimed that they might have followed him to the station, as he had found a wasps’ nest in his garage last night but just hadn’t had time to do anything about it.

At this point I politely piped up and mentioned Rentokil’s wasp nest service where you can now book a wasp nest treatment online 24/7. He noted the web address on the corner of his newspaper and I noticed a few others tapping it into their iPhones too.

common waspThen with my stop approaching I side-stepped the wasps, which were now heading down the other end of the train and got off, leaving the commuting wasps heading for Paddington. I wonder if they’ll get fined for not having a ticket?

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