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Wasps And Me – I Really Really Hate Them!


Not my garden - but a lovely picture none-the-less!

Its funny how you forget things as you get older, isn’t it? As I was searching for inspiration for yet another “pests & me” post I recalled an incident at home when I was fairly young.

Late summer and as usual lots of bramley apples had fallen from the tree at the end of our garden. To help out my mum, my sister and I would be charged with collecting and clearing away all of the windfall apples from the grass. Since I wasn’t a gardener by any stretch of the imagination back then (or even now!), I would insist on wearing gloves – I hated/stll hate getting my hands all dirty.

So apple by apple they were sorted out. Mouldy or edible, they were appropriately bagged up. My mum has an amazing apple cake recipe, we would halpe her make it most weekends!

apple_cake_imageAll of a sudden I felt an itch on my hand so I scratched it, and then again and again. When I heard the angry buzzing noise I realised it wasn’t so much an itch than a wasp that had got its way into my glove – three actually. I know this because as I started shrieking, I ripped off the glove and all three flew out.

Being stung several times has given me a permanent phobia about wasps so I am always ultra-careful about when I drink and dine al fresco. For example, I never leave my drink unattended just in case some thirsty wasp takes a nose dive into it. Now that I work for Rentokil, I know what a Waspin pot is and am always relived to see them hanging in outdoor eateries and restaurant/pub gardens.

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  1. Benjamin Harink
    Posted July 15, 2009 at 4:36 am | Permalink

    I remember a similar incident when I was young. A friend of mine got stung in the lip because he did not check his drink. Since that time I see that I always cover my glass in order to prevent a similar fate :-)

  2. Brigitta
    Posted July 21, 2009 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Now, i have never been stung by a wasp before, so am not sure how i would react. I generally try to stay very still whenever a wasp flies near me, but the natural reaction is to move away or lash out at them. Another tip….don’t wear the colour yellow as it attracts them. Well, that is what i was told anyway. Best thing is to get a Waspin pot than i suppose!

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