Wasps – They Can Be Funny After All

common waspClearly I am not referring to a wasp sting, as that is never funny as I very well know from my recent experience. Pest jokes and in particular those about wasps, however, can be very funny. The classic ones, you know the kind your dad tells. Anyway, here we go…

Word of warning, if you are outside when reading this post, remember not to roll around with laughter / gesticulate too much, just in case of nearby wasps you may end up with a nasty sting in the tail, arm, leg, etc. – boom, boom!! (Jokes below found courtesy of Animal Corner and Joke Dictionary.

  1. What is a wasps favourite film? Sting-ing in the Rain!
  2. What is a wasps second favourite film? Lord of the Stings!
  3. Who is a wasps favourite singer? Sting!
  4. What is a wasps favourite song? Sultans of Sting! (I don’t get this one – anyone know the actual song this refers to?)
  5. What is a wasps second favorite song? Just a Spoonful of Sugar. (Oh, I do like that one too)
  6. What sport do wasps play? Sting-pong! (If only we could use ping-pong balls as wasp control!)
  7. Where do you take a sick wasp? To waspital. (Caroline’s particular favourite.)
  8. What did the bee say to the wasp who tried to make honey? Don’t wasp your time!
  9. Waiter, waiter! There’s a wasp in my dessert. So that’s where they go to in the winter.
  10. A man went into a pet shop and said: “I want to buy a wasp.” ‘Sorry sir, we don’t sell wasps’, insisted the shopkeeper. ‘But you’ve got one in the window’, said the man. (Oh dear!)

So, who’s having the last laugh now then? Humans 1 – Wasps 0. Any more wasp jokes? Must be more out there!

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