What Do Rentokil, Paris And Cycling Have In Common?

Paris - the final destination of the cycle4sobell sponsored rideWell, nothing until a few weeks ago.

Caroline, our blogger and Twitter-er extraordinaire, recently came into contact with Andy (otherwise known as @bluesnapper) in the Twitter-sphere and they started talking shop (website, Google, etc).

Eventually Andy’s sponsored cycle ride came up and Caroline offered some Rentokil sponsorship for the very worthy Sobell House Hospice in Oxfordshire. Follow @cycle4sobell or donate directly via their website.

The sponsored cycle all came about via Andy’s next door neighbour whose brother-in-law had ended a difficult illness at the hospice and sadly passed away. Unlike our CEO Alan Brown (who has been known to don lycra whilst cycling), Andy agreed to do the cycle ride to Paris with a group of 12 friends who are all and I quote “road cyclists who have rarely gone farther than the school run”.

That saddle doesnt look comfy enough to get to ParisNow that they are in serious training for the April 22nd departure they are travelling further and further each week. And one by one they are upgrading their bikes for the journey ahead for new highly engineered models, you know the style, with flashy brakes, odd frames and clips for where the feet go. Which begs the question, has saddle soreness set in yet? The first time I ever did a Spinning class at the gym, I was in agony for weeks, and that was nowhere close to the 250 odd miles the boys will have to travel.

On talking with Andy it struck me again how vitally important local fundraising is for the smaller, local charities. Just to let you know it costs approx £3m per year to keep the hospice running. Indeed, Andy also pointed out that major charities do have the advantage of greater exposure and advertising capabilities, etc, so if the involvement of a global firm like Rentokil could add to the fundraising target, we’re glad to be of assistance. Don’t forget, you can donate directly via their website here.

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