Which Blog Directories Should I Submit deBugged to?

More learnings of a newbie blogger, following on from 9 Lessons I Learnt Putting Together A New Blog comes a post about blog directories as recommended by Lucy in her post on SEOmoz. Actually, I suppose I am not that new, been doing this several months now! Anyway, I digress… but I now know you get listed if:

  • you get reviewed and they accept you, which means only quality blogs/sites get listed: Best of the Web – BOTW
  • its been up and running for 3 or 6 or x number of months: Bloggapedia (after 3 months of being “live”)
  • you include a specific link in a blog post, I suppose to prove you do really have a blog rather than a fake corporate sales tool or spam producing site: Technorati ask for this link to be included before deBugged gets listed, (here you go then: Technorati Profile).
  • There is also Blogged which I can submit to, but the problem is, they have an enormous number of different categories, you name it its there – all except for pest control. So what do I choose?
  1. Technology – because of the products we develop which are hi-tec and fully researched such as Radar and Luminos?
  2. Environment – because of our pest control products for professional use as well as our products which are designed to impact the enviroment in a negligible way, e.g. Radar?
  3. Society – because Pest Control becomes a bigger issue for all of us the less money companies are prepared to spend on it and the more we are limited as to which chemicals we, as pest control professionals, are allowed to use?
  4. Education – we run pest aware education in the workplace campaigns to ensure business segment staff, e.g. hotel housekeeping, can spot early infestations of bed bugs in bedrooms or cockroaches in storage areas
  5. Animals – because despite what you may think, many of our technicians do care about the animals they come across on their day to day tasks – insects perhaps not so much.

The mind boggles, I mean there must be any number of blog directories out there deBugged should be listed on too, but what if I have missed out an important one? If I find one, a few or more, I’ll write another blog directories post and let you know.

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