Do you know who you are sharing your bed with on Valentine’s Day?

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun. While many of us are worrying about finding that perfect gift, booking the best restaurant and setting the romantic scene, throughout this hectic day of commercialised romance we are forgetting one thing.

You have the card, you have the flowers, and you’ve made the booking… Surely you haven’t forgotten to investigate who you are sharing your bed with, right?

Don’t be confused… I am not suggesting you find yourself a personal detective to follow your partners every move! What I am suggesting however, is that you analyse your bed, searching for the unknowns….. Yes that’s right… PESTS.

There are a number of pests we are likely to be sharing our bedrooms with, often without even realising. Dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles and even moths are commonly found in our bedrooms and are more than likely to spoil the mood if detected.

Bed bugs and fleas are likely to bite, and can spread very quickly. Dust mites can contribute significantly to an allergy problem, while moths and carpet beetle larvae are likely to cause damage to your furniture and clothing.

While it may seem easier to turn a blind eye, rather than uncover an unknown problem, it really is essential that we are regularly checking our bedrooms for pests, as well as thoroughly cleaning the bedroom, including the bed.

I can only speak for myself, but I would much prefer to spend a few hours giving my room a thorough clean, than find myself with unsightly bites and holes in my clothing.

Perhaps you’re struggling for a Valentines Day idea? How about a voucher… promising your partner’s room a thorough spring clean and complete de-pest. While they may not appreciate it at the time (lets face it, I probably wouldn’t), in the long run it could make a huge difference.

Enjoy Valentines Day, make it special, but don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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