Mice Rehoused In Wimbledon Balls

Mice rehomed in Wimbledon tennis ballsOver the Wimbledon fortnight hundreds of tennis balls are used, in some cases a new ball every set. So what happens to all the balls following the conclusion of the tournament? I bet you would never guess.

Following Wimbledon 2011, Lakes Aquarium in the Lake District, submitted an unusual request. With a house mouse rehousing project on their hands they decided that tennis balls would make ideal beds.

They received a number of balls and have made holes in them to allow access for the rodents. Apparently their new found homes have gone down an absolute treat, with the aquarists suggesting that their snug new homes may encourage the mice to add to their families.

The Wimbledon balls are also providing the mice with a form of entertainment, apparently zorbing and spinning has become a particularly popular activity.

Visitors to the Lakes Aquarium have been intrigued by the mouse enclosure, wondering who each of the tennis balls belong to. I don’t think the mice will ever grasp the significance of their new found abodes. Perhaps they are sleeping in the Djokovic match winning ball? I guess we will never know.

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