Winter Weather and Rubbish Collections

There has been a lot of bad press lately regarding delayed, postponed and even cancelled rubbish collections UK wide.

I have seen a variety of images depicting piles upon piles of rubbish, creating a very unsightly front garden centre piece. The bad weather is being blamed for the apparent lack of concern for public health and safety; however, I am not convinced that the council are recognising the potential severity and long term effects associated with the issue.

While I understand the delay in collection in places such as Scotland, where they were hit particularly hard with blizzard like conditions, I struggle with the fact that areas in the South of England have experienced the same collection backlog. Icy roads, combined with the festive season were blamed for majority of the build up; however, the fact that there were reports of no collections for up to a month is extremely concerning.

Despite the fact that a build up of old rubbish is a hygiene and health and safety nightmare, we are also attracting unwanted visitors such as rodents. While I was lucky that the bin collections in West London were not disrupted, I must admit that I often feel uneasy passing by our weekly rubbish pile, as a result of the potential unknown within.

Just prior to Christmas we had a situation where our mouse problem resurrected. A mouse was spotted scurrying across the kitchen floor and under the fridge. We reset the traps but never caught a thing. It was evident however, that the poison laid by our indoor rubbish bin had been touched. Perhaps this did the trick? I can’t help but wonder if the cold weather and festive rubbish build up contributed to the near repeat of the mouse situation from earlier in the year.

While I assume that the backlog of rubbish, not only in London, but UK wide is under control for now, I worry about the lasting impact the disruption will have. The rodents attracted to the area during this time, aren’t likely to just leave now that the rubbish has been collected. They are likely to be looking for alternative food sources, alternative shelter, alternative bedding… more likely then not, inside someone’s home… I just hope it’s not mine!

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