Wisteria Scale Pest Could Wipe Out Wisteria Plants

Not everyone knows that Ambius (previously Rentokil Tropical Plants) is part of the Rentokil Initial family. Although their pests are different to traditional Rentokil pests like rats, mice and cockroaches – their beautiful interior plant displays and exterior landscaping can suffer from infestations too.

wisteria-scaleTake the Wisteria Scale Pest for example. It was highlighted earlier this year by the Royal Horticultural Society as a problem for British gardeners and this story has also been echoed, echoed (did you spot the typo in their title, tee hee!) and re-echoed by the media. It was allegedly imported on foreign plants and is now busy making its way down Wisteria Lane/Wall all around the country.

Now, I’m not one for gardening, but I have an amazing rose bush at home (thanks to the previous owners) and I quite enjoy having it bloom every year at the end of my garden. I think I’d actually miss having it there if it ever got struck down by a plant pest. I should imagine that people who are avid gardeners would feel even stronger about the distinctive purple wisteria flower if (when) the wisteria scale attacks their plants.

But what to do? According to the RHS since this is such an invasive pest it would be very hard to spray the wisteria thoroughly when it grows so closely up against a wall, so they recommend chemical control measures.

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