Work Related Stress

Get some plants to cheer up your officeExcessively high workloads, unrealistic deadlines and job security concerns are just some of the common areas of stress at work but it appears that your working environment could have a pivotal role to play in employee related stress. Across the globe Rentokil works with offices to ensure they are hygienic and pest-free. But a rodent and cockroach-free office isn’t the be-all and end-all to employee happiness and engagement.

Ambius research conducted by Dr Craig Knight and colleagues at the University of Exeter suggests that the lean office (i.e., one with clean desk policies and regulated practices) is the least productive and the most likely to contain unhappy, stressed and ill workers. He also found that introducing interior landscaping, such as plants, flowers and artwork improved productivity by up to 17% with well-being increasing by a similar amount.

Ambius are the only interior landscaper with such a broad range of research backed well-being solutions, offering a range of products and services that are selected for their well-being properties.

Productivity and well-being of colleagues is crucial to the successful growth of any business. Use the Office Ecosystem infographic below to identify potential stress inducers in your working environment.

You can download the paper here: Enrich the Office and Engage your Staff: Why lean is mean (pdf file 909 KB).

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